Time Doctor

…helping physicians manage time



One of the main complaints of physicians is shortage of time. Because many physicians are perfectionists, they often procrastinate and completing anything on time is a struggle. This lecture covers basic time management strategies that can be used in both personal and professional settings.  It also discusses key communication skills needed to make certain boundaries are set and the physician’s needs are met.  Dr. Hudson is the Time Doctor.  He founded Coaching for Physicians to help doctors develop the skills they need to succeed in modern medicine.  One of those skills is time management.  

REFERENCES & COMMENTS: “As a physician, Dr.Hudson understands the unique training and experiences associated with a career in medicine. As a board-certified coach, he is able to contextualize  that complexity and offer real-life  solutions, not  just surviving—but  thriving—in  the  industry…Dr.  Hudson created an environment that  encouraged candid and open dialogue about difficult issues like social relationships and burnout…Patrick Hudson is skilled in many aspects of physician coaching …I would encourage any physician or healthcare team to consider partnering with  Dr. Hudson to  bring his specialized approach to supporting physicians in the  important work that they do.” Administrator/Idaho

Plan and prioritize each day’s activities in a more efficient, productive manner

Overcome procrastination quickly and easily

Understand the origins of procrastination

Handle crises effectively and quickly

Organize your workspace and workflow to make better use of time

Delegate more efficiently

Set boundaries and communicate needs

Know the difference between a boundary and an expectation

Learn to say "No" without offending people

Understand how the personality of physicians influences time management

… and much more

Audience: physicians, physician executives, practice managers, administrators, healthcare executives