Time Doctor

…helping physicians manage time


Most physicians and surgeons complain they do not have enough time. Many are overwhelmed by how much they have to do and how little time they seem to have available. Unfortunately, most do not know how to manage their time wisely. Good time management is crucial to a successful medical career and creating effective work-life balance is a crucial tool in managing stress and preventing burnout. Read more...

REFERENCES & COMMENTS: "I believe Dr. Hudson helped me achieve the skills I needed in order to excel in all of (my) roles. He introduced me to specialized tools that I use to guide me with daily organization challenges and useful suggestions in helping me prioritize responsibilities…I am confident that Dr. Hudson possesses the qualities that any company would find desirable in a personal and professional coach. His knowledge, dedication, assertiveness, and excellent leadership qualities would without a doubt make him an asset to any individual or company that values specialized coaching for their staff. " Nephrologist/Florida